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Make a Difference

The planet is big, but so are you. You have the power to make real change right now. At home. In your community. Even in your workplace. Doing so isn’t just something to feel good about. It’s a moral imperative. Please join Recyclaholics in the quest to make a better planet. Start today!

Each one of us can make a difference every day through simple steps we can take through our lifestyle choices and personal practices, from the food we eat and products we purchase to the energy we consume and the work we do.  

  • Everyday we can choose to reduce our consumption of things and make smarter choices that can save us money and time while protecting the planet.

  • We can vote with our dollars for the kind of world we want to create. Every time we purchase something, we are casting a vote either for destroying the planet or creating a sustainable future.

  • We can also communicate with our elected officials and vote at the ballot box for public officials and policies that will help bring about sustainability.

  • Each of us can learn more about sustainability, especially a powerful tool called the Natural Step Framework, that can save money, time, your health and the earth (see for more information).

Currently, almost every product we purchase comes in some form of plastic, whether it is our food and drinks to consumer products. There is a need to reduce our waste and to change the nature of our waste stream. What could we do in order to minimize our impact on the waste stream?

  • On your way to get coffee in the morning at your favorite cafe, perhaps you could bring a travel mug that can be reused versus a disposable plastic or paper cup.

  • When you go to the grocery store, bring canvas bags from home so that you are not adding to the 100 billion petroleum-bags that are used every year in the USA.

  • When you are eating a meal, use cloth napkins versus paper towels.

  • When you have a party and can’t utilize reusables, avoid plastic and Styrofoam containers in favor of agri-based, compostable products from Recyclaholics for all food service ware needs, from cups and plates to cutlery and biobags to store the waste. Then make sure that all of the waste is commercially composted.

  • Get a composting bin and place it in your backyard. Separate your food waste from your trash and take your food waste to your composting bin to create fresh soil to use in your garden.

Science has helped to quantify and qualify the net impact of human activity on the planet. One tool for doing this is through an ecological footprint calculator. One specific approach was developed by the US Environmental Protection Agency to measure our carbon footprint, whether at work or home. We encourage all of our website guests to click on this link below to evaluate your footprint and take action:


A grassroots movement is working at the local, regional and state level to address the waste issue and climate change.

  • More than 17 cities such as San Francisco have passed resolutions to ban Styrofoam and polystyrene takeout food containers in favor of bio-based, compostables. Have your community join in.

  • Many cities such as San Francisco have banned the use of petroleum-based shopping bags. Encourage your municipality to do the same.

  • San Francisco has made a commitment to no longer allow the city to purchase bottle water. Instead, they’re providing reusable cups and water purifiers. Your government agency could do the same.

  • More than 600 U.S. Mayors have signed the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Campaign committing their communities to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions in line with the Kyoto Treaty. Encourage your mayor to sign on.

  • Consider having a seminar for your community on Sustainability and the Natural Step Framework so that your elected and government officials, civic leaders, and citizens can have a shared understanding and vision of sustainability and develop a sustainability action plan (see for more information).


Increased attention is given to the role business plays in our society. One of the guiding principles for corporations has been to increase shareholder value. Corporations have lead the way through advances in technology and modernization and in many ways helping to shape our culture. As the role of corporations has grown in our daily lives so has their sphere of influence both domestically and abroad. Therefore, in a time when the planet is confronted with global warming and other crisises, corporations must take a leading role as agents of change, adapting how they conduct business to achieve results that sustain the planet, the community and shareholders. Many businesses are finding that protecting the environment is good for business as well.

  • Make sure all of your office supplies and other product purchasing is from companies whose products and practices are socially and environmentally responsible.

  • Reduce your packaging materials and substitute reusable, bio-based and compostable alternatives.

  • Use reusable food service plates, cups, and cutlery whenever possible. If you need disposables, choose bio-based, compostables from Recyclaholics.

  • Establish a composting operation for your food service operations. Ask us at Recyclaholics how you can do it.

  • Utilize the Natural Step Framework to educate your employees, suppliers, customers and community about sustainability and develop a shared vision and sustainability action plan (see for more information).

"I'm grateful for the opportunity to live on this beautiful and astonishing planet Earth. In the morning, I wake up with a sense of gratitude."

- Earl Nightingale

You can see what our company mission is all about below! Our partnership together does make a difference and it also helps w/ acheiving green economies

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"Every Choice we make cREates the world we live in."
It's a "feel good" purchase!

REcyclaholics makes a difference with partners that support our mission of social, animal, and earth justice causes. Cheers! Help us do more!!! Partner with REcyclaholics today!

"The earth and it's inhabitants will thank you as well"

-Lisa Mitchell Witchell, Founder REcyclaholics

* Amnesty International
* Center for Victims of Torture
* Circle of Life Foundation
* Circus Reform Yes
* Compassionate Action for Animals (U of M Chapter)
* Greenpeace
* Southern Poverty Law Center/Teaching Tolerance
* Twin Cities Green Guide
* Union of Concerned Scientists
* Trees for the Future
* Campaign to Label Genetically Engineered Foods
* Vancouver Island Marmot Recovery Foundation
* National Save The Sea Turtle Foundation
* Global Warming: Undo It
* International Wolf Center
* Alliance for Sustainability
* Katrina/ Mn Efforts/ Victims
* Save the Polar Bears (Greenpeace)

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